(a)   No sidewalk shall be laid in the City unless a permit therefor is first obtained from the Director of Public Service, and the location, grade and width therefor obtained from the Director.
(Ord. C45-66. Passed 7-11-66.)
   (b)   All sidewalks, drives and driveway approaches located within the street right-of-way shall be constructed of 6-bag Portland cement and conform to specifications of sidewalks, drives and driveway approaches on file in the office of the Director, which plans are hereby approved and adopted.
   (c)   The issuance fee for a sidewalk permit shall be seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) and payable to the Director.
(Ord. C7-85. Passed 2-18-85.)
   (d)   Nothing herein shall be construed to supersede or rescind the provisions of the development regulations, Chapter 1101, which apply to new subdivisions, the primary purpose of this section being to regulate the construction of sidewalks in established subdivisions of this City.
   (e)   All owners of property abutting on streets of the City shall, upon notice being given to them pursuant to Ohio R.C. 729.02 by the clerk of the legislative authority, construct or repair sidewalks in the street or streets on which the lot or lots abut in accordance with the specifications adopted by Council.
(Ord. C45-66. Passed 7-11-66.)