Permits and Plans
1315.01   Construction, etc.; permit required; requirements for buildings subject to OBBC.
1315.02   Approval of sewage facility by Health Board or OEPA.
1315.03   Construction guarantee deposit; completion of work and inspection.
1315.04   Topographic survey.
1315.05   Permit issuance; effective period; completion of work and inspection; vegetative covering.
1315.06   Denial of permits for noncompliance.
1315.07   Alteration of applications.
1315.08   Deviations from application, specifications or drawings.
1315.09   When permit not required.
1315.10   Permit fees; fees for plan review and inspections.
1315.11   Temporary fencing during construction.
1315.12   Hours of construction.
1315.13   Prohibiting permits within specified distances of oil and gas wells and  tank batteries.
1315.99   Penalty.
   Inspections of buildings - see Ohio R.C. 715.26(B), 715.46, 737.34  et seq.; B. & H. Ch. 1317
   Establishment of inspection fee schedules by Board of Building  Standards - see Ohio R.C. 3791.07
   Issuance of building permits after final plat approval - see P. & Z.  1139.01
   Approval of building permits by Architectural Board of Review - see B. & H. 1313.10
   Issuance of building permits to registered prime contractors - see B. & H. 1319.02
   Permits for wireless communication antennas and towers - see B. & H. 1373.03, 1373.04