Architectural Board of Review
1313.01   Purposes.
1313.02   Definitions.
1313.03   Establishment; powers and duties re unsafe structures.
1313.04   Membership; compensation; Historic District Subcommittee; other committees.
1313.05   Regular and special meetings; administration; records; rules.
1313.06   Powers and duties for other than the Historic District and/or historic landmarks.
1313.07   Powers and duties as to the Historic District and historic landmarks.
1313.071   Designation criteria to the Historic District and  Historic Landmarks.
1313.072   Procedure for establishing historic property or historic landmarks.
1313.08   Review standards in all areas other than Historic Districts and/or historic landmarks.
1313.081   Review procedure for demolition of buildings or structures in all areas other  than Historic Districts and/or Historic Landmarks;  exclusions.
1313.082   Planning and Zoning  Commission review of  applications for demolition of buildings or structures.
1313.09   Review procedure for the Historic District and historic landmarks.
1313.091   Design review standards.
1313.092   Maintenance.
1313.10   Building permit applications.
1313.11   Plans and specifications prepared by registered architect; advice of consultant.
1313.12   Appeals.
1313.13   Interpretation.
   Architectural Board of Review generally - see
        CHTR. Art. VII, Sec. 7
   Registration of historic landmarks - see Ohio R.C. 149.55
   Historical and prehistorical sites - see Ohio R.C. 149.301,
   Historic District - see P. & Z. Ch. 1113
   Approval of off-street parking and loading facilities -
      see B. & H.  1355.07
   Duties re unsafe buildings - see B. & H. 1367.09