(a)   No person shall, either as owner or agent, construct or install a septic tank, cesspool, aeration system, filter bed or outside toilet within the City, except with the consent of and under such rules and regulations as the Elyria City  Health Department determines.  A permit shall be obtained from the Department prior to the installation of a new or existing system.  Construction shall be by a contractor licensed by the County to install septic systems and shall be in full compliance with applicable State laws and regulations.
   (b)   The Elyria City Health Department shall be responsible for overseeing the use of private sewage disposal systems within the City and may require, at its discretion, the owner to provide proof that septic tanks are emptied by a hauler licensed by the County at least every five years.
   (c)   The Elyria City Health Department shall have authority to issue orders to abandon a private sewage disposal system and to connect to a public sanitary sewer within ninety days when a public sanitary sewer is made available.
(Ord. 2002-46.  Passed 3-4-02.)