Whenever the City Engineer, or his or her designee finds that any user has a building sewer which does or was intended to carry sewage, and the building sewer is not in compliance with the requirements of Section 932.02, or whenever the building sewer has not been maintained in a water- tight condition by the owner of the property served, or whenever the building has roof downspouts or other sources of clean water connected directly or indirectly to the building sewer, or whenever the building sewer is discharging sewage to a storm sewer, a notice of violation shall be mailed to the owner of the property by certified mail.  Said notice of violation shall include a description of the tests done and the condition observed which shows what maintenance or correction work is required.  The owner shall have thirty days from receipt of the notice of violation to make the repairs at such owner's expense, before judicial proceedings are instituted as provided in Section 932.99(c). Owners may request a time extension, and if the City Engineer, upon review, finds a just cause for such extension, he or she may grant one or more time extensions not to exceed ninety days in total, for completing the repair to the building sewer or otherwise correcting the problem, if the work required involves excavation work.
(Ord. 93-293.  Passed 12-20-93.)