(a)   Pursuant to Section 4.14 of the City Charter, there is hereby adopted the Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards as promulgated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as amended, for the purpose of ensuring compliance by the City and to require compliance by industrial users with such Standards within the time frame prescribed by such Standards, being particularly the following:
   40 CFR 405 through 40 CFR 471, as amended.
   (b)   Such standards are hereby adopted and incorporated as if fully set out at length in this section. All Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards promulgated after the effective date of Ordinance 88-285, passed October 3, 1988, shall be adopted by the City as part of this section, and all regulated industrial users shall comply with any applicable Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standard.
   (c)   One complete copy of the Categorical Pretreatment Standards, as adopted in this section, shall be on file in the office of the Clerk of Council for reference by interested persons, and copies shall be available for sale by the Clerk to the public at cost.
   (d)   Where a user subject to a Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standard has not previously submitted a disclosure form as required by this section, such user shall file a disclosure form with the City within 180 days after the promulgation of the applicable Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standard by the U.S. EPA.  In addition, any user operating on the basis of a previous filing of a disclosure statement shall submit to the City, within 180 days after the promulgation of an applicable Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standard, the additional information required by the City disclosure statement.  The user shall be informed of any proposed changes in this chapter at least thirty days prior to the effective date of the change.  Any change or new condition in this chapter shall include a reasonable time schedule for compliance.
   (e)   When the limits in a Categorical Pretreatment Standard are expressed only in terms of mass of pollutant per unit of production, the City may convert the limits to equivalent limitations, expressed either as mass of pollutant discharged per day or effluent concentration, for purposes of calculating effluent limitations applicable to individual industrial users.  Equivalent limitations calculated in accordance with paragraphs (c)(3) and (4) of 40 CFR 403.6 shall be deemed Pretreatment Standards for purposes of Section 307(d) of the Act and 40 CFR 403.  Industrial users will be required to comply with the equivalent limitations in lieu of the promulgated categorical standards from which the equivalent limitations were derived.
(Ord. 2002-46.  Passed 3-4-02.)