(a)   The City or the Water Pollution Control Board may suspend the wastewater treatment service and/or a wastewater contribution permit of any user who or which violates any provision or condition of this chapter, including, but not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Violation of permit conditions;
      (2)   Failure to accurately report the wastewater constituents and characteristics of its discharge;
      (3)   Failure to report significant changes in operations or wastewater constituents and characteristics; or
      (4)   Refusal of reasonable access to the user's premises for the purpose of inspection and monitoring.
   (b)   When the City proposes to suspend the wastewater treatment service and/or a wastewater contribution permit, the City shall notify the user of the proposed suspension ruling and of his, her or its right to submit, within ten working days of being notified, a written request for a hearing.  The request shall set forth in detail the facts supporting it.  Within ten working days of receiving the request for a hearing, the City shall schedule a hearing with the user submitting the request.  Within the fifteen working days of the completion of the hearing, the City shall issue its final ruling.  The notice of suspension provided for in this subsection shall be written, state the nature of violation and be served personally or by certified mail upon the violator or his or her representative.
   (c)   Upon a suspension order becoming final, the user shall immediately stop or eliminate the contribution and shall permanently lose all rights to discharge any industrial wastewater directly or indirectly to the Wastewater Pollution Control Plant.  A suspension order shall be deemed final upon delivery to the user, unless the user files an appeal pursuant to Section 932.28.
(Ord. 93-293.  Passed 12-20-93.)