(a)   Users shall provide necessary wastewater treatment as required to comply with this chapter and shall achieve compliance with all Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards within the time limitations specified by the Federal Pretreatment Regulations.  Facilities required to pretreat wastewater to a level acceptable to the City shall be provided, operated and maintained at the user's expense.  Plans, specifications and other pertinent information relating to treatment or pretreatment facilities, flow equalization tanks, control and neutralization equipment or other facilities to be utilized in the treatment or control of waters or wastes, shall be submitted for the approval of the Safety-Service Director, and no construction of such facilities shall be commenced until such approval is obtained in writing. All pretreatment systems and equipment shall be operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's design specifications unless prior approval is obtained, in writing, from both Ohio EPA and the City of Elyria Water Pollution Control Board.  Any modifications to existing pretreatment facilities and equipment shall be approved, in writing, by both Ohio EPA and the City of Elyria Water Pollution Control Board prior to making such modifications.
   (b)   An approval by the Director does not, in any way, guarantee that these facilities will function in the manner described by a person or a company, nor shall it relieve a person or a company of the responsibility of revamping, enlarging or otherwise modifying such facilities to accomplish the intended purposes.
   (c)   Compliance by existing sources with Categorical Pretreatment Standards shall be within three years of the date a Standard is effective, unless a shorter compliance time is specified in the appropriate subpart of 40 CFR, Chapter I, Subchapter N.  Direct dischargers with NPDES permits modified or reissued to provide a variance pursuant to Section 301(i)(2) of the Act shall be required to meet compliance dates set in any applicable Categorical Pretreatment Standard.  Existing sources which become industrial users subsequent to the promulgation of an applicable Categorical Pretreatment Standard shall be considered existing industrial user, except where such sources meet the definition of a new source provided in Section 932.01(24).  New sources shall install and have in operating condition, and shall "start-up," all pollution control equipment required to meet applicable Pretreatment Standards before beginning to discharge.  Within the shortest feasible time (not to exceed ninety days), new sources must meet all applicable Pretreatment Standards.
(Ord. 2002-46.  Passed 3-4-02.)