Whenever an offer is received to purchase real estate which is either owned by the City, or dedicated to public use, the following procedures shall be followed:
   (a)   Buildable Lots  Whenever the parcel sought to be purchased is a buildable lot, or larger, there shall be paid to the City a deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00), which sum shall be paid within seven days after receipt of such offer.
   Upon receipt of the deposit as aforesaid, the City shall cause the property sought to be purchased to be appraised, if no appraisal was made within one year, or to be surveyed, if the dimensions of the property are in question or at variance with the legal description there and then available, or the City shall cause a title or escrow service to be performed in connection with the proposed transaction.
   The deposit shall be first charged to these expenses, and the unused balance, if any, shall be credited against the purchase price for the proposed sale.  If the aforesaid sale fails, or for any reason is not consummated, the then unused balance, after payment of the specific charges as aforesaid, shall be returned to the proposed purchaser.
   (b)   Non-buildable Lots.  Whenever the parcel sought to be purchased is an unbuildable lot, or smaller, the City may sell the parcel without regard for appraisal to the proposed purchaser for any price it deems appropriate.,  Notice of such offer or agreed sales price shall be served upon all adjacent or abutting property owners with the terms of the proposed sale.  Such notice shall be by certified U.S. mail.  Such notice shall contain a notification of the City's intent to sell the property upon the enclosed terms and conditions and that other offers would be considered if received by the City in writing by a date certain, which would not be less than thirty days from the postmarked date of such notice.
   (c)   Competitive Bidding.  If there are two or more prospective purchasers for property, then the City shall request that sealed bids be submitted, in writing, not later than forty-five days after the date of first notice, with bids being required to be filed, in writing, with the City not later than sixty days from the date of first notice.
   The City shall then accept the highest dollar bid and shall cause the property to be sold upon those terms and conditions contained in the highest bid received.
(Ord. 91-129.  Passed 7-15-91.)