(a)   Allowance Amount. There is established a Uniform Allowance for all Class B patrolmen and firemen in the amount of four hundred dollars ($400.00).
(Ord. 72-140. Passed 8-22-72.)
   (b)   Uniforms for Class B Personnel. Upon entry into the service of the Elyria Police and Fire Divisions, each Class B Patrolman and Fireman will be furnished a complete uniform, as prescribed by the Police Chief and Fire Chief respectively, and approved by the Director of Safety-Service. Such uniform will remain the property of the City until completion of the probation period.
(Ord. 68-17.  Passed 2-19-68.)
   (c)   No Subsequent Allowance. The uniform allowance is to be paid only to Class B patrolmen and firemen and, being reclassified to Class A after serving their probationary period, there shall be no additional uniform allowance granted to such patrolmen or firemen or any other patrolmen or firemen or officer of rank.
(Ord. 72-140.  Passed 8-22-72.)
   (d)   Authorization for Purchase and Repair. The purchase of new and replacement uniforms and extraordinary repairs are to be authorized as needed through the Chief of the Division with approval of the Director of Safety-Service.
   (e)   Minor Repairs. The aforesaid allowances shall not be used for minor repairs resulting from normal wear and tear.
   (f)   Additional Amount for Extraordinary Cleaning. There is hereby authorized an additional amount of not more than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per year per person for Class A and Class B Patrolmen and officers of rank in the Police Division for extraordinary cleaning, as approved by the Police Chief and the Director of Safety-Service, to be paid in the same manner as for purchases of clothing and repairs by contracts with vendors.
   (g)   Vendor Contracts. The Mayor is hereby authorized to enter into contracts with appropriate vendors, in accordance with law, for the purchase of clothing items and repairs to the same. Such contracts shall be entered into on an annual basis with the appropriate vendors.
   (h)   Administration of Allowances. The administration of uniform allowances shall be under the direction of the Director of Safety-Service and shall be paid from and charged against the General Fund of the City.
   (i)   Allowance for Meter Maids and Record Clerk. There is hereby established for the Meter Maids and Record Clerk in the Police Division a uniform allowance of not more than eighty dollars ($80.00) per year per person.
(Ord. 66-59.  Passed 4-4-66.)
   (j)   Allowance for Police Auxiliary. The members of the Police Auxiliary are hereby granted a uniform allowance as herein specified. The Auditor, upon approval of the Director of Safety-Service, is hereby authorized to reimburse members of the Police Auxiliary for the cost of each uniform at not more than fifty dollars ($50.00) per individual per year. The allowance shall be paid from the Police Division's Uniform and Clothing Allowance Account of the General Fund of the City.
(Ord. 81-272. Passed 12-7-81.)