General Provisions
   152.001   Title
   152.002   Purpose
   152.003   Authority
   152.004   Jurisdiction
   152.005   Compliance with chapter required
   152.006   Plats to be approved
   152.007   Subdivision Administrator
   152.008   Acceptance of streets
   152.009   Thoroughfare Plan
   152.010   Zoning and other plans
   152.011   Definitions
   152.012   Word interpretation
   152.013   School sites on Land Use Plan
   152.014   Compliance with zoning and other plans required
   152.015   Other reserved land
Legal Status Provisions
   152.030   General procedure for plat approval
   152.031   Statement by owner
   152.032   Issuance of building permits on subdivision lots
   152.033   Relief
   152.034   Amendments
   152.035   Abrogation
   152.036   Conflict
   152.037   List of subdivisions
   152.038   Accuracy
Procedures for Review and Approval of Subdivision Plats
   152.050   Plat shall be required on any subdivision of land
   152.051   Approval prerequisite to plat recordation
   152.052   Appeals
   152.053   Procedure for review of minor subdivisions
   152.054   Submission and review procedure for major subdivisions sketch plan
   152.055   Preliminary major subdivision plat submission and review
   152.056   Final subdivision plat submission and review
   152.057   Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)
   152.058   Information to be contained in or depicted on preliminary and final plats
   152.059   Recombination of land
Required Improvements, Dedication, Reservations, Minimum Standards of Design
   152.070   Generally
   152.071   Suitability of land
   152.072   Street name duplication
   152.073   Subdivision design
   152.074   Development standards
   152.075   Water and sewer systems
   152.076   Storm water drainage system
   152.077   Other requirements
   152.078   Street lights
   152.079   Buffer strips
   152.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Illustrative examples of private road regulations
   Housing Codes, see Chapter 150
   Streets and Sidewalks, see Chapter 94
   Zoning, see Chapter 153