(A)   Sketch plan for minor subdivisions.
      (1)   This section shall apply to minor subdivisions only. For all minor subdivisions, a preliminary plat shall not be required.
      (2)   All the subdivisions, however, shall require the submittal, approval and recordation in the County Deeds Office of a final plat.
      (3)   Prior to submission of a final plat, the subdivider shall submit to the Subdivision Administrator two copies of a sketch plan of the proposed subdivision.
      (4)   The purpose of the sketch plan is to familiarize the Subdivision Administrator with the proposed development and to ensure that it is in compliance with all applicable regulations.
      (5)   The sketch plan shall contain the following information:
         (a)   A sketch vicinity map, including north arrow, showing the location of the subdivision in relation to neighboring tracts, subdivisions, roads and waterways;
         (b)   The boundaries of the lot(s) to be subdivided;
         (c)   The tax map number(s) of the lot(s) to be subdivided;
         (d)   The total acreage to be subdivided;
         (e)   The existing street layout and right-of-way width;
         (f)   The name of the proposed subdivision; and
         (g)   The zoning classification of the property to be subdivided and of adjacent properties, if applicable.
      (6)   The Subdivision Administrator shall review the sketch plan for general compliance with the requirements of this chapter and any applicable zoning regulations.
      (7)   The Subdivision Administrator shall advise the subdivider the regulations pertaining to the proposed subdivision and the procedures to be followed in the preparation and submission of the final plat.
   (B)   Final plat for minor subdivisions.
      (1)   A registered land surveyor currently licensed and registered in the state by the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors shall prepare the final plat.
      (2)   The final plat shall conform to the provisions for plats, subdivisions and mapping requirements set forth in G.S. § 47-30 and the Standards of Practice for Land Surveying in North Carolina, where applicable, and the requirements of the County Register of Deeds.
      (3)   At least five completed copies of the final plat shall be submitted to the Subdivision Administrator, with one of these copies being on reproducible material. The remaining copies shall be black or blueline paper prints.
      (4)   The copies shall be considered complete if they contain all of the information required by § 152.058.
      (5)   Material and drawing medium for the original shall be in accordance with the Standards of Practice for Land Surveying in North Carolina, where applicable, and the requirements of the County Register of Deeds.
      (6)   The final plat shall be of a size suitable for recordation in the County Deeds office and shall be at a scale of not less than one inch equals 100 feet, unless each lot in the proposed subdivision is more than three acres. In that case, the scale shall not be less than one inch equals 200 feet.
      (7)   Maps may be placed on more than one sheet with appropriate match lines.
      (8)   Submission of the final plat shall be accompanied by a non-refundable filing fee of $100. The fee and the required number of final plats must be submitted to the Subdivision Administrator.
      (9)   The following signed certificates shall appear on all copies of the final plat submitted to the Subdivision Administrator.
         (a)   Certificate of ownership and dedication.
Certificate of Ownership and Dedication
   I hereby certify that I am the owner of the property shown and described hereon, which is located in the subdivision jurisdiction of Gaston County and that I hereby adopt this plan of subdivision with my free consent and establish minimum lot size and building setback lines as noted.
______________________      _____________
Owner                  Date
         (b)   Certificate of survey and accuracy.
            1.   On the face of each map prepared for recordation there shall appear a certificate acknowledged before an officer authorized to take acknowledgments and executed by the person making the survey or map including deeds and any recorded data shown thereon.
            2.   The certificate shall include a statement of error of closure calculated by altitudes and departures.
            3.   Any lines on the map, which were not actually surveyed, must be clearly indicated on the map and a statement included in the certificate revealing the source of information.
            4.   The certificate shall take the following general form:
   I, ______________________, certify that this map was (drawn by me) (drawn under my supervision) from (an actual survey made by me) (an actual survey made under my supervision) (deed description recorded in Book ____, Page_____, and the like) (Other); that the ratio of precision as calculated by latitudes and departures is 1:___, that the boundaries not surveyed are shown as broken lines plotted from information found in Book _____, Page ______; that this map was prepared in accordance with G.S. § 47-30 as amended.
Witness my hand and seal this ________ day of __________________, A.D. 20___.
Registered Land Surveyor
Official Seal
Registration Number
   I, (officer authorized to take acknowledgments) do hereby certify that (name of registered surveyor) appeared before me this day and acknowledged the due execution of this certificate.
   Witness my hand and (where an official seal is required by law) official seal this __________ day of _______________, 20____.
Signature of Officer
Official Seal
   (C)   Approval of final plat.
      (1)   Once the Subdivision Administrator has received the required number of copies of the final plat, he or she shall either:
         (a)   Review the plat; or
         (b)   At his or her discretion, submit the plat to the Planning Board for its review and decision.
      (2)   The Subdivision Administrator shall have 21 days from the date of submittal to act upon a plat. Otherwise, the plat shall automatically be forwarded to the Planning Board.
      (3)   The Planning Board shall have 31 days from the meeting date at which they reviewed the plat to approve the plat, approve the plat with conditions or disapprove the plat.
      (4)   If the Planning Board does not take action within the 31-day period, the plat shall then automatically be transferred to the Town Board of Aldermen for their review and decision.
      (5)   If the final plat is disapproved, the Subdivision Administrator shall instruct the subdivider concerning re-submission of a revised plat, and the subdivider may make changes as will bring the plat into compliance with the provisions of this chapter and resubmit the same for reconsideration.
      (6)   The subdivider shall have 21 days to resubmit the final plat to the Subdivision Administrator without having to pay an additional filing fee. If a revised plat is not submitted within that period, any future submittal will require the payment of an additional filing fee.
      (7)   If the final plat is approved, the approval shall be shown on each copy of the plat by the following signed certificate:
Certificate Of Approval For Recording
   I hereby certify that the subdivision plat shown hereon has been found to comply with the Subdivision Ordinance of Dallas, North Carolina and that this plat has been approved by __________ on _______________ for recordation in the County Deeds Office.
___________________________         ____________
Subdivision Administrator               Date
      (8)   If the final plat is disapproved, the reasons for the disapproval shall be stated in writing, specifying the provisions of this chapter with which the final plat does not comply. The Subdivision Administrator shall retain one copy of those reasons and one print of the plat as part of the town’s official records; a copy of the reasons and the remaining copies of the plat shall be transmitted to the subdivider.
      (9)   The subdivider shall have 21 days from the date of final approval to have the plat recorded in the County Deeds office. Otherwise, the approved final plat shall be null and void.
(Ord. passed 1-16-2001)