General Provisions
   153.001   Short title
   153.002   Definitions
   153.003   Zoning affects every building and use
   153.004   Only one principal building on any lot
   153.005   Reduction of lot size prohibited; every lot shall abut a street or alley
   153.006   Lots of record of insufficient size
   153.007   Supplementary yard regulations
   153.008   Exceptions to height limits
   153.009   Accessory structures
   153.010   Group housing projects
   153.011   Thoroughfare setback provisions
   153.012   Obstructions to vision at street intersection
   153.013   Development standards
   153.014   Storm water detention
   153.015   Adaptive reuse of historic buildings
   153.016   Fences in residential districts
   153.017   Swimming pools
   153.018   Manufactured/mobile homes
Zones Established; Regulations
   153.020   Town divided into enumerated zones
   153.021   Zoning map; zone boundaries adopted; rules where uncertainty exists
   153.022   R-15, R-12, R-10 and R-6 zones: Single-family residential
   153.023   RMF: Multi-family district
   153.024   RMF-H: High density multi-family district
   153.025   Cluster development overlay district
   153.026   R-8 and R-6 zones: Single family residential
   153.027   R-5 Single Family Residential
   153.028   O and I-1 zones: Office and institutional
   153.029   Reserved
   153.030   Reserved
   153.031   BC-1 zone: Shopping center
   153.032   B-1 zones: Neighborhood business
   153.033   B-2 zones: Highway business
   153.034   B-3 zone: Central business
   153.035   B-3P zone: Central business district perimeter
   153.036   Reserved
   153.037   Reserved
   153.038   I-2 zones: General industrial
   153.039   Reserved
   153.040   Reserved
   153.041   Reserved
   153.042   Off-street parking requirements
   153.043   Special permit for off- street parking in residential zones
   153.044   Off-street loading and unloading requirements
   153.045   Density credits
   153.046   Planned residential developments
   153.047   Planned unit developments
   153.048   Traditional neighborhood developments
   153.049   Application requirements and review procedures
   153.050   Supplemental use regulations
   153.060   Outdoor screening of motor vehicles and used appliances
   153.061   Maintenance of required screens
   153.062   Grace period
   153.063   Screening and landscaping
   153.064   Conflict
Conditional Districts and Special Use Permits
   153.070   Intent
   153.071   Reserved
   153.072   Conditional districts; application, permitted uses and development requirements
   153.073   Development agreements
   153.074   Conditional use permits; application, procedures, findings and conditions
Sign Regulations
   153.080   Signs not requiring a permit
   153.081   Prohibited signs
   153.082   Flashing, moving and electronic variable message (EVM) signs
   153.083   Schedule of sign regulations
   153.084   Advertising signs
   153.085   Special sign regulations
   153.086   B-3: Central Business Zone
   153.087   B-2: Highway Business Zone
Communication Towers
   153.090   Communication tower regulations
Planning Agency
   153.100   Creation; term of office
   153.101   Termination for non- attendance
   153.102   Powers and duties
Board of Adjustment
   153.110   Creation; term of office
   153.111   Termination for non- attendance
   153.112   Powers and duties
   153.113   Variance and special use permits for non-conforming uses
Enforcement and Miscellaneous Provisions
   153.120   Enforcement of chapter provisions
   153.121   Effect upon outstanding building permits
   153.122   Interpretations and intention of chapter provisions; conflicts with other ordinances
   153.123   Amendments and changes
   153.124   Notification of legislative hearings
   153.125   Vested rights procedures
   153.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Yard and Height Requirements for Residential Districts
   Appendix B: Yard and Height Requirements for Business Districts
   Appendix C: Permitted Uses Chart
   Appendix D:   Sign Regulations Schedule