Damaging Streets and Sidewalks
   94.001   Permit to dig in streets
   94.002   Sidewalk construction
   94.003   Streets and sidewalk repair
   94.004   Excavations; leaving unprotected
   94.005   Streets not to be damaged
   94.006   Damage to bridges and culverts
   94.007   Damage to lights, signs
Obstructing Streets and Sidewalks
   94.020   Assembly on sidewalks
   94.021   Display of goods prohibited
   94.022   Placing objects on street and sidewalks
   94.023   Construction near sidewalk
   94.024   Sheds and awnings
Use and Cleanliness
   94.035   Throwing or burning trash on street prohibited
   94.036   Tree trimmings
   94.037   Snow and ice removal
   94.038   Bicycle on sidewalks prohibited
   94.039   Playing ball on streets prohibited
   94.040   Flow of dirt, grease or water from washing vehicles onto streets or sidewalks prohibited
Street Construction
   94.055   Minimum right-of-way width
   94.056   Municipal curb cut
House Moving
   94.070   Moving of building; permit required
   94.071   Application for permit; fee
   94.072   Additional requirements for issuance of permit
   94.073   Issuance of permit; required notice
   94.074   Sealing pipelines
   94.075   Flagmen and escorts
   94.076   Lighting
   94.077   Sanitary piping; private sewage disposal
   94.078   Building permits; housing standards
   94.079   Conflict
Street Numbering
   94.090   Street numbers for buildings, houses, manufactured homes, mobile homes and mobile units
Roadway Naming and Addressing
   94.105   Purpose
   94.106   Definition of terms
   94.107   Roadway naming
   94.108   Public hearings
   94.109   Fees
   94.999   Penalty