(A)   No surface water shall be channeled or directed into sanitary sewers.
   (B)   (1)   Where a public storm water sewer is reasonably accessible, the subdivider shall connect with the storm drainage system, and shall do all grading, and provide all drainage structures, which are necessary to properly carry the water to the storm drainage system.
      (2)   Design and construction shall be in accordance with town standards and specifications.
   (C)   Where a storm drainage system is not accessible, the subdivider shall do all grading and provide all drainage structures that are necessary to properly carry the water to locations, which are acceptable to the Town Public Works Department.
   (D)   Surface drainage courses shall have side slopes of at least three feet of horizontal distance for each one foot of vertical distance, and courses shall be of sufficient size to accommodate the drainage area without flooding, and designed to comply with the standards and specifications for erosion control of the State Sedimentation Pollution Control Act, G.S. Chapter 113A, Article 4 and the NCAC Title 15, Chapter 4, and any town erosion and sedimentation control ordinances.
   (E)   The minimum grade along the bottom of a surface drainage course shall be a vertical fall of at least one foot for each 200 feet of horizontal distance.
(Ord. passed 1-16-2001)