Adoption of Regulatory Codes
   150.01   Scope of subchapter and codes
   150.02   Building Code adopted
   150.03   Plumbing Code adopted
   150.04   Heating Code adopted
   150.05   Electrical Code adopted
   150.06   Residential Building Code
   150.07   Amendments to codes
   150.08   Compliance with codes
   150.09   Copies of codes filed with Clerk
Inspection Department; Enforcement of Zoning and Uniform Standard Regulations
   150.20   Building Inspection Department
   150.21   Enforcement authority of County Inspection Department
   150.22   Enforcement of zoning regulations
   150.23   Enforcement of Uniform Standard Code for Mobile Homes
Minimum Standard Housing Code
   150.35   Title
   150.36   Exercise of police power; finding; purpose
   150.37   Definitions
   150.38   Scope
   150.39   Existing building
   150.40   Maintenance of buildings
   150.41   Administration
   150.42   Minimum standards of fitness
   150.43   Procedure for enforcement
   150.44   Methods of service of complaints, notices, orders and appeals
   150.45   Conflict
   150.46   Powers supplemental
Abandoned Structures
   150.60   Finding; intent
   150.61   Duties of the Housing Inspector
   150.62   Powers of the Housing Inspector
   150.63   Standards for enforcement
   150.64   Procedure for enforcement
   150.65   Methods of service of complaints and orders
   150.66   In rem action by Housing Inspector; placarding
   150.67   Costs a lien on premises
   150.68   Alternative remedies
   150.99   Penalty
   Appendix A:    Forms and Reports