Parking, Standing and Stopping Regulations
   74.001   Standing or parking close to curb
   74.002   Angle parking sign or markings
   74.003   Obedience to angle parking signs or markings
   74.004   Stopping, standing or parking; when prohibited
   74.005   Parking not to obstruct traffic
   74.006   Parking in alleys
   74.007   Parking on streets
   74.008   Parking for certain purposes prohibited
   74.009   Parking adjacent to schools
   74.010   Parking prohibited on narrow streets
   74.011   Standing or parking on one-way streets, roadways
   74.012   Parking near hazardous or congested places prohibited
   74.013   Using parked vehicle for advertising prohibited
   74.014   Parking along parade routes; temporary alterations
   74.015   Authority to designate curb loading zones
   74.016   Standing in passenger curb loading zones prohibited
   74.017   Standing in freight curb loading zones prohibited
   74.018   Authority to designate public carrier stops and stands
   74.019   Standing and parking of buses and taxicabs
   74.020   Restricted use of bus and taxicab stands
   74.021   Application of parking restrictions
   74.022   Parking signs required
   74.023   Parking prohibited by signs
   74.024   Parking prohibited during certain hours on certain streets
   74.025   Parking restricted in public parks
   74.026   Parking of trucks prohibited in residential areas
   74.027   Parking on private property; consent required
   74.028   Maximum time limits for parking
   74.029   Prohibition of on-street parking of boats, campers and other non-licensed objects
   74.030   Repairing vehicles on street prohibited
   74.031   Snow emergencies
   74.032   Improper registration plate
   74.033   Parking on unpaved surfaces prohibited
Residential Parking Permit Areas
   74.045   Definitions
   74.046   Establishment of an RPZ
   74.047   Application and petition for residential parking program
   74.048   Resident parking program review process
   74.049   Parking management plan; development and implementation
   74.050   RPZ permits
   74.051   Violations
   74.052   Enforcement
Parking Meters, Parking Lots
and Parking Garages
   74.060   Definitions
   74.061   Installation of parking meters
   74.062   Authority for parking meters, parking lots and parking garages
   74.063   Payment of fee required
   74.064   Parking meter, parking lot and parking garage violations
   74.065   Parking meter zones
   74.066   Responsibility of vehicle owner; evidence of ownership
   74.067   Collection of money; disposition of funds
   74.068   Restricting or prohibiting parking at meters
Parking Citation Enforcement and Appeal
   74.080   Title
   74.081   Civil enforcement
   74.082   Parking Violation Hearing Board
   74.083   Citation for violation; contents
   74.084   Payment of fine or request for hearing
   74.085   Citations; hearing; appeal
   74.086   Authority of city to impound or immobilize vehicles
   74.087   Charges
   74.088   Payment of penalty and charges or request for hearing
   74.089   Impoundment; hearing; appeal
   74.090   Disposition of vehicle
   74.091   Disposition of funds
Parking for Disabled Persons
   74.105   Designation of reserved parking spaces by Director of Public Works
   74.106   Designated parking space near home of disabled person
   74.107   Disabled person subject to other parking regulations
   74.108   Other persons occupying reserved parking space subject to penalty
   74.998   Prima facie evidence that violation committed with authority of owner
   74.999   Penalty