Whenever, by this chapter or any other ordinance of the city, any parking limit is imposed or parking is prohibited on designated streets or on publicly owned parking lots, it shall be the duty of the Director of Public Works, or his or her designee, where practicable to erect appropriate signs giving notice thereof. Where parking meters are used, the sign on the meter shall indicate the parking limit and these signs shall be used in place of the signs set forth herein.
(1984 Code, § 75.22)  (Ord. O-34-67, passed 5-25-1967; Ord. O-54-84, passed 8-28-1984; Ord. O-76-85, passed 10-22-1985; Ord. O-16-05, passed 3-8-2005; Ord. O-42-10, passed 12-7-2010; Ord. O-08-16, passed 5-3-2016)