General Provisions
   73.01   Definitions
   73.02   Passengers on motorcycles, mopeds, motorized scooters or bicycles prohibited; exception
Motorcycles, Motorized Scooters and Mopeds
   73.15   Operators must be at least 16 years of age
   73.16   Driving on sidewalk prohibited
   73.17   Operator’s license required
   73.18   Insurance required for motorcycles
   73.19   Registration of motorcycle required
   73.20   Motorcycle, motorized scooter and moped operators to obey traffic laws
Bicycles, Motorized Scooters and Foot Scooters
   73.35   Effect of regulations
   73.36   Bicycle dealers
   73.37   Bicycle riders to obey traffic laws
   73.38   Obedience to traffic-control devices
   73.39   Riding on roadways and bicycle paths
   73.40   Speed of bicycles or motorized scooters
   73.41   Emerging from alley or driveway
   73.42   Carrying articles
   73.43   Parking of bicycles and motorized scooters
   73.44   Riding or driving on sidewalks
   73.45   Lamps, equipment on bicycles
   73.46   Helmets required when riding bicycles
Low-Speed Vehicles, Golf Carts
and Utility Vehicles
   73.60   Operation of low-speed vehicles, golf carts and utility vehicles on public roadways
   73.99   Penalty