General Provisions
   151.001   Title, purpose and legislative enactment
   151.002   Construction of language in code
   151.003   Definitions
   151.004   Legal status provisions
   151.005   Exceptions and modifications
   151.006   General provisions for all Districts
   151.007   Chapter amended and restated
Establishment of Districts
   151.020   Districts established
   151.021   Uses permitted in each zoning district
   151.022   Provisions for Official Zoning Map
   151.023   Rules for interpretation of District boundaries
   151.024   Specific provisions for conditional uses
   151.025   Accessory uses permitted in each zoning district
   151.026   Temporary uses, activities, and structures
   151.027   Bulk regulations and yard requirements for all zoning districts
Residential Districts
   151.035   Statement of purpose
   151.036   R-1 Low Density Residential Districts
   151.037   R-1A Low Density Residential Districts
   151.038   R-2 Medium Density Residential Districts
   151.039   R-2A Medium Density Residential Districts
   151.040   R-3 High Density Residential Districts
   151.041   R-3A High Density Residential Districts
   151.042   R-4 Multi Family Residential Districts
   151.043   T-Mobile Home Park Residential Districts
   151.044   R-TH Townhouse Residential Districts
   151.045   R-L Large Lot/Estate Development Residential Districts
   151.046   R-L1 Large Lot/One Acre Residential Districts
   151.047   R-25 Low Density Residential Districts
   151.048   FAR Forest - Agricultural - Residential Districts
   151.049   TN Traditional Neighborhood District
   151.050   MU Mixed Use District
Commercial Districts
   151.060   Statement of purpose
   151.061   NC Neighborhood Commercial District
   151.062   MPO Medical-Professional Office District
   151.063   SCC Shopping Center Commercial District
   151.064   CB Central Business District
   151.065   GC General Commercial District
Industrial Districts
   151.075   Statement of purpose
   151.076   RI - Restrictive Industrial District
   151.077   GI - General Industrial District
Flood Plain Zoning
   151.090   Statutory authorization, findings of fact, purpose and objectives
   151.091   Definitions
   151.092   Application
   151.093   Basis for establishing the areas of special flood hazard
   151.094   Requirements for development permit
   151.095   Compliance
   151.096   Abrogation and greater restrictions
   151.097   Interpretation
   151.098   Warning and disclaimer of liability
   151.099   Administration
   151.100   Provisions for flood hazard reduction
   151.101   Variance procedures
   151.102   Violations
Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations
   151.115   Accessory off-street parking regulations
   151.116   Accessory off-street loading regulations
   151.117   Table of off-street parking requirements and off-street loading berth codes
Nonconforming Uses
   151.130   Statement of purpose
   151.131   Applicability
   151.132   Determination of nonconformity status
   151.133   Continuation of nonconforming nonresidential use or structure
   151.134   Variances and conditional uses
   151.135   Governmental acquisition
   151.136   Discontinuance
   151.137   Continuation of nonconforming residential use or structure
Planned Developments
   151.150   General
   151.151   Objectives and size requirements
   151.152   Relation between planned developments and zoning districts
   151.153   Coordination with subdivision regulations
   151.154   General standards and criteria
   151.155   Additional provisions
   151.156   Specific standards and criteria for residential planned developments
   151.157   Specific standards and criteria for commercial or industrial planned developments
   151.158   Mixed use planned development
   151.159   Specific standards and criteria for seniors housing planned developments
   151.160   Procedures for planned development approval
Sign Regulations
   151.170   Purpose and intent
   151.171   Definitions
   151.172   Applicability
   151.173   General visual quality
   151.174   Signs prohibited in all zoning districts
   151.175   Exemptions
   151.176   Sign permit application and issuance
   151.177   Transitional provisions for shopping centers
   151.178   Requirements applicable to all zoning districts
   151.179   Sign standards by sign type and zoning district
   151.180   Sign-specific conditions
   151.181   Nonconforming signs
   151.182   Administration and penalties
   151.183   Severability
Exterior Lighting
   151.190   Exterior lighting
Historic District
   151.195   H-1 Historic Zoning District
   151.196   Historic District Commission
   151.197   Designation of Local Historic Districts
   151.198   Design guidelines
   151.199   Certificate of Economic Hardship
   151.200   Administration
   151.201   Maintenance and repair of improvements
   151.202   Remedying of dangerous conditions
   151.203   Injunctive powers and penalties
   151.204   Authority of Development Director
   151.205   Severability
Single Family Design Standards
   151.210   Single family design standards
Design Review Commission
   151.240   Creation and purpose
   151.241   Members; appointment, terms and qualifications
   151.242   Meetings
   151.243   Development subject to Commission review
   151.244   Development exempt from design review
   151.245   Design guidelines
   151.246   Procedure; application and review
   151.247   Standards
   151.248   Appeals
   151.249   Continuing maintenance
   151.250   Project development contracts
Tree Protection and Grading
   151.265   Purpose and intent
   151.266   Administration
   151.267   Protection of existing tree cover
   151.268   Tree planting specifications
   151.269   Grading plan permit
   151.270   Submittal of application for permit
   151.271   Approval
   151.272   Right of appeal
   151.273   Violations
Well Head Overlay Protection District
   151.285   Statutory authority, finding of fact, purposes and objectives
   151.286   Definitions
   151.287   Authority and applicability
   151.288   Extent and designations
   151.289   Use regulations
   151.290   Variance regulations
   151.291   Performance standards
   151.292   Site plan submission and administration requirements
Administration and Enforcement
   151.305   Administrative Officer
   151.306   Building Official, building permits and certificates of occupancy
   151.307   Planning Commission
   151.308   Board of Zoning Appeals
   151.309   Variances
   151.310   Conditional use permits
   151.311   Site plan review
   151.312   Amendments
   151.998   Remedies and enforcement