523.01   Provisions for Sale of Electricity
523.02   Residential Rate Schedule
523.021   Residential Incentive Rate Schedule
523.03   Small Commercial Rate Schedule
523.04   Large Commercial Rate Schedule
523.043   Industrial Rate Schedule
523.047   Large Industrial Rate Schedule
523.048   Optional Large Industrial Rate Schedule
523.049   Capacity Enhancement Incentive Rate Schedule
523.05   Street Lighting Schedule
523.06   Protective Lighting Schedule
523.061   Charge for Outdoor Residential Lighting
523.062   Homestead Discount for Outdoor Residential Lighting
523.065   Traffic Signal Service Rate Schedule
523.07   Regulations for Applicants for Electrical Service
523.08   Provisions Governing Advance Deposits
523.09   Accounting System
523.10   Statements for Service Supplied
523.11   Delinquent Accounts
523.12   Special Charges
523.13   Access to Consumer’s Property
523.14   Changes of Electrical Service
523.15   Provisions Governing Electrical Construction and Apparatus
523.16   Faulty Meters
523.17   Environmental and Ecological Adjustment
523.18   Liability for Damages
523.19   Electric Service Agreement
523.195   Electrical Service Agreements with Government and Charitable Entities
523.196   Electric Service Agreements with Commercial Customers
523.20   Refusal of Electrical Service
523.21   Energy Adjustment Charge
523.215   Customer Information
523.22   Further Rules and Regulations
523.23   Pole and Anchor Attachments
523.24   Electric Service Policy
523.25   Interconnection Service for Distributed Generation
523.251   CEI Lawsuit Surcharge; Amount – Repealed
523.26   Net Metering Service
   Restrictions on electrical wire and cable placement, CO Ch. 521
Statutory reference:
   Power to establish light and power rates, RC 715.03, 715.06