521.01   Prohibited Area for Placing Wires or Cables
521.02   Provisions for Removal of Wires
521.03   Submission of Plans for Removal of Wires
521.04   Director of Public Service May Change Plans
521.05   Final Plans Returned by Director
521.06   Alternate Placement of Wires and Cables
521.07   Excess Removal of Wires May Apply on Next Year’s Quota
521.08   Credit for Joint Removal of Wires
521.09   Procedure when Streets of Schedule B Become Part of Schedule A
521.10   Underground Wiring Required in New Subdivisions
521.99   Penalty
   Note: The legislative history of this chapter, except where specifically noted at the end of a section, is as follows: Ordinance No. 63410-A, passed September 22, 1924.
   Electrical wires injuring or killing trees, CO 509.09, 509.10
   Erection of electrical fixtures on streets; permit, CO 503.05
   Municipal use of pole line, CO 503.06
   Provisions and rates for sale of electricity, CO Ch. 523
Statutory reference:
   Power to erect electric works, RC 743.34
   Power to furnish light, power and heat, RC 715.06, 717.01