§ 3133.05 Required Sanitary Drainage, Storm Drainage and Water Supply Systems
   (a)   Sanitary Drainage.
      (1)   Every building or other structure or premises in or on which plumbing fixtures are installed or in or on which liquid or water-borne wastes accumulate shall be equipped with an approved drainage and plumbing system to convey all liquid or water-borne wastes to a public sewer; provided that where a public sewer is not available, other approved provisions shall be made for disposing of such wastes in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and other applicable laws, ordinances, rules or regulations.
      (2)   Every cellar, basement and other space wholly or partly below grade level within a building shall be kept free from ground or surface water. Where necessary for the removal of ground or surface water, floor drains shall be installed with drainage therefrom conducted to the public sewer or, where a public sewer is not available, to an approved place of disposal.
      (3)   The drainage and plumbing system for each building or other structure shall be entirely separate and independent of every building drainage or plumbing system serving another building or other structure, except that buildings or other structures on the same premises and under the same ownership may be connected to the same building sewer, and except that where one (1) building stands in the rear of another building on an interior lot and a separate building sewer cannot be provided for the rear building through an alley, yard, or other open public space, the building drain of the front building may be connected to serve the rear building when such building drain of the front building is of adequate size and in suitable condition to serve both front and rear buildings and such dual use is approved by the Director of Building and Housing.
      (4)   Existing building drains and building sewers shall not be used to serve new buildings or new plumbing until examined and tested under the direction of the Commissioner and approved for such use.
   (b)   Storm Water Drainage. Roofs and paved areas, yards, courts, and open shafts and every open excavation or part of a lot or premises where water stands or accumulates shall be drained into a storm- sewer system or a combined sewer system or, they shall be drained to an approved receptacle or conducted to a point of disposal approved by the Director of Building and Housing; except that roof gutters or drains and downspouts shall not be mandatory on buildings or structures of miscellaneous occupancy classification.
   (c)   Water Supply Systems. All buildings or other structures or premises equipped with plumbing fixtures shall have provisions for supplying fixtures with an adequate supply of water.
(Ord. No. 1767-07. Passed 4-21-08, eff. 4-28-08)