15-28-500 Definitions.
   As used in this chapter:
   "Highly flammable material storage building" means a building or part of a building designed, intended, or used for the purpose of storing for resale, transfer or for processing at a date beyond reasonable usage requirements hay, straw, broom corn, hemp, jute, sisal, moss, sawdust, or wood dust, shavings, excelsior, hair (except for packing house byproduct type), cotton, henequen, istle (ixtle), tow, cocoa fiber, oakum, baled waste, kapok or moss except in those cases where any of the above mentioned combustible fibers are packed or baled in special containers, or covered with suitable wrappings so as to prevent the ready ignition of loose surface fiber.
   "Highly flammable material storage room" means a room designed, intended or used only for the purposes described under the preceding paragraph, which is located in a building other than a highly flammable material storage building.
   "Highly hazardous material, product, article or substance" means any material, product, article or substance which is liable to burn with rapidity, or while burning to emit poisonous or noxious fumes or while burning to cause explosions.
   "Nitrocellulose" means any substance, material or compound composed in whole or in part of soluble cotton or similar tetranitrate or higher nitrate of cellulose, including pyroxylin, plastic, celluloid, fibroid, viscoloid, pepalin and all similar substances, materials and compounds, including both new and reclaimed substances.
   "Nitrocellulose building" means a building, or part of a building, designed, intended or used for no purpose other than the nitration, manufacture or storage of nitrocellulose, or a building in which nitrocellulose is nitrated, or a building in which discarded scraps of nitrocellulose are reclaimed.
   "Nitrocellulose product" means any article or product either in the process of manufacture or fabrication or in the finished or completed state, which is composed wholly or in part of nitrocellulose including positive or negative nitrocellulose motion picture film, nitrocellulose, photographic film, nitrocellulose X-ray films, or pens, pencils, toilet articles, novelties or other articles or products composed either wholly or partly of nitrocellulose, excepting flammable liquids otherwise classified.
   "Nitrocellulose products building" means a building, or part of a building, designed, intended or used for no purpose other than the manufacture, fabrication, assembly, completion, receiving, shipping, distributing or storing of either finished or unfinished nitrocellulose products or parts of such products.
   "Weight (nitrocellulose and nitrocellulose products)" means the weight of the nitrocellulose only, not including the weight of any article or material to which the nitrocellulose is attached or fastened nor the weight of any wrapping or packing material, carton or other shipping container.
(Prior code §  92-39)