15-28-610 Arrangement of storage.
   Baled highly flammable materials as defined in Section 15-28-500 shall be stored only in buildings complying with the following special provisions:
   (a)   No single block or pile shall contain more than 25,000 cubic feet of highly flammable material exclusive of aisles or clearances. Blocks or piles of baled highly flammable materials shall be separated from adjacent storage by aisles not less than five feet wide; or barriers consisting of continuous sheets of noncombustible material extending from the floor to height of at least one foot above the highest point of the piles and shall project at least one foot beyond the sides of the piles.
   (b)   Sisal and other highly flammable materials in bales bound with combustible tie ropes, also jute and other baled highly flammable materials that are liable to swell when wet, shall be stored to allow for the expansion in any direction without endangering the building walls, ceilings or columns.
   (c)   Not less than 18 inches clearance shall be provided between the sprinkler pipes and the tops of the piles.
(Prior code § 92-50; Amend Coun. J. 10-27-21, p. 39543, Art. V, § 10)