7-24-001   Definitions.
Article I.  Distribution of Drugs and Medicines
7-24-010   Reserved.
7-24-020   Reserved.
7-24-030   Sample packages of medicines.
7-24-040   Reserved.
7-24-050   Reserved.
7-24-060   Reserved.
7-24-070   Bichloride of mercury.
7-24-080   Inhaling or drinking certain substances.
7-24-085   Failure to comply with the Methamphetamine Manufacturing Chemical Retail Sale Control Act.
7-24-090   Sale of certain substances.
Article II.  Drug Paraphernalia
7-24-091   Possession or delivery.
7-24-092   Manufacture.
7-24-093   Accomplice liability.
7-24-094   Delivery to persons under 18 years of age on school grounds.
7-24-095   License revocation.
7-24-096   Seizure and forfeiture.
7-24-097   Severability.
Article II-A.  Controlled Substances
7-24-098   Establishments unlawfully used for controlled substances.
7-24-099   Prohibited possession or use of cannabis.
Article III.  Carbolic Acid
7-24-100   Prescription required.
7-24-110   Inspection of prescriptions.
7-24-120   Fraudulent prescriptions.
7-24-130   False statements in prescriptions.
7-24-140   Crude carbolic acid mixtures and wholesale.
Article IV.  Wood Alcohol
7-24-150   Sales register.
7-24-160   Sale regulated.
7-24-170   Label and warning.
Article V.  Tobacco
7-24-190   Collection of cigar and cigarette stumps.
7-24-200   Purchase of cigar and cigarette stumps.
7-24-210   Manufacture from cigar and cigarette stumps.
Article VI.  Office of Local Drug Control Policy
7-24-220   Created.
7-24-221   Director and deputy directors – Appointment – Term.
7-24-222   Director – Duties.
7-24-223   Technical and clerical assistants.
7-24-224   Donations.
Article VII.  Use of Motor Vehicles
7-24-225   Unlawful drugs in motor vehicle – Impoundment.
7-24-226   Driving while intoxicated – Impoundment.
7-24-228   Burned motor vehicle report to fire commissioner.
Article VIII.  Violation of Chapter Provisions
7-24-230   Violation – Penalty.