(a)    Any defendant who pleads guilty to or is otherwise found guilty of violating any provision of this Building and Housing Code may, in addition to other remedies provided by law, be required to place on deposit with the Clerk of the Mayor's Court a cash bond in an amount determined by the Court to be sufficient to secure the faithful performance of all corrective measures required by the Court with respect to such Building and Housing Code violation and to secure payment of all fines and costs levied by the Court. Such cash bond shall be conditioned upon faithful performance of such corrections within a period of time to be determined by the Court, but in no event to exceed a period of nine months from the date such defendant pleads guilty to or is otherwise found guilty by the Court of the zoning violation in question.
   (b)    In the event that any building and housing violation is not corrected to the satisfaction of the Court within the period of time set by the Court for such correction as provided for in division (a) of this section, or nine months from the date of posting said bond, whichever is earlier, the deposit required herein shall be declared forfeited by the Court and used by the City to correct the building and housing violation in question. Any amount of the deposit remaining after the City has made all required corrections shall be returned to the defendant, provided that any unpaid fines and court costs relative to the building and housing violation in question are first deducted therefrom.
   (c)    The fund created by this section is in addition to and supplementary to all existing laws relative to the enforcement of Building and Housing Code violations. Notwithstanding this section, all current provisions of these Codified Ordinances relative to the enforcement of building and housing ordinances shall remain in full force and effect except as modified herein.
(Ord. 122-03. Passed 12-8-03.)