Administration of Facilities
   97.01   Authority to operate
   97.02   Department of Parks and Recreation
   97.03   Four-member Parks and Recreation Board
   97.04   Powers of the Board and Park Superintendent
   97.05   Designation of 3 city parks and other recreational areas
   97.06   Creation of Skate Park Fund
   97.07   Skate Park Advisory Board
Park Rules and Regulations
   97.20   Authority to adopt rules and regulations by the Board
   97.21   Park hours
   97.22   Unlawful to damage or destroy park/city property
   97.23   Injury to plants and trees prohibited
   97.24   Prohibited conduct
   97.25   Gambling and soliciting restricted
   97.26   Discharging firearms and possession of weapons prohibited
   97.27   Alcohol and drugs prohibited
   97.28   Organized picnics; use of outdoor ovens
   97.29   Advertising and sales restricted
   97.30   Dangerous sports and activities
   97.31   Harming or endangering wildlife and animals prohibited
   97.32   Vehicular traffic
   97.33   Park and recreation fees
Municipal Golf Course Operations
   97.45   Purpose; authority to operate
   97.46   Creation of Municipal Golf Course Board; compensation and terms of office
   97.47   Powers and duties of Board
   97.48   Meetings; transfer of powers
   97.49   Golf course regulations
   97.50   Enforcement
   97.99   Penalty