General Provisions
   41.001   Purpose
   41.002   Requirement of good faith
   41.003   Singular-plural and gender rules
   41.004   Definitions
   41.005   Public access to procurement information
Duties of the County Executive
   41.015   Authority and duties
   41.016   Applicability
Source Selection and Contract Procedure
   41.030   Competitive sealed bidding
   41.031   Bid procedures
   41.032   Competitive bid and request for procedures
   41.033   Non-competitive procurement
   41.034   Emergency procurements
   41.035   Cancellation or rejection of invitations for bids or requests for proposals
Bidder Qualifications and Duties
   41.050   Insurance requirements on supply or service contracts
Types of Contracts; Contract Administration
   41.065   Types of contracts
   41.066   Contract clauses and their administration
   41.067   Contract administration
   41.068   Right to inspect plant
   41.069   Reporting of anti-competitive practices
   41.070   County procurement records
   41.071   Approval of accounting system
Contract Execution
   41.085   Requisitions
   41.086   Fiscal responsibility
   41.087   Authorization to issue bids or other solicitations
   41.088   Review of contracts
   41.089   Approval of contracts
   41.090   Change orders and contract modifications
   41.091   Maximum practicable competition
   41.092   Additional contents of bid packages
Bid Security, Performance Bonds, Insurance Requirements for Construction Contracts
   41.105   Bid security
   41.106   Contract performance or payment bonds
Supply Management
   41.120   Supply management regulations
   41.121   Allocation of the proceeds from sale or disposal of surplus supplies
Appeals and Remedies
   41.135   Bid protests
   41.136   Contract claims
   41.137   Authority of the County Executive to settle bid protests and contract claims, subject to statutory provisions
   41.138   Remedies for solicitation or award in violation of law
Cooperative Purchasing
   41.150   Cooperative purchasing authorized
   41.151   Sale, acquisition or use of supplies
   41.152   Cooperative use of supplies and services
   41.153   Joint use of facilities
Ethics in Public Contracting
   41.165   Statement of policy
   41.166   General standards of ethical conduct
   41.167   Criminal penalties
   41.168   Employee conflict of interest
   41.169   Gratuities and kickbacks
   41.170   Prohibition against contingent fees
   41.171   Contemporaneous employment prohibited
   41.172   Waivers from contemporaneous employment
   41.173   Use of confidential information
   41.174   Sanctions
   41.175   Recovery of value transferred or received in breach of ethical standards