(A)   Authority. The County Executive shall be responsible for the procurement of supplies, services, professional services and construction, in accordance with this chapter, as well as the management and disposal of supplies.
   (B)   Duties. In accordance with this chapter, and subject to the supervision of the County Board and the assigned County Board committee, the County Executive shall:
      (1)   Procure or supervise the procurement of all supplies, services and construction needed by the county;
      (2)   Develop and implement a written policy for the sale, trade, transfer or disposal of surplus items which have become obsolete and unusable to the county, upon terms most advantageous to the county. The policy shall be administered by the office of the County Executive and audited by the County Auditor;
      (3)   Establish and maintain programs for specifications development, contract administration and inspection and acceptance, in cooperation with the county agencies using the supplies, services and construction;
      (4)   Exercise general supervision over inventories of supplies belonging to the county;
      (5)   Consistent with this chapter, and with the approval of the assigned County Board committee, the County Executive shall adopt purchasing regulations and operational procedures relating to the execution of his or her duties;
      (6)   Provide maximum service to all offices in the areas of contracts, negotiation, placement of orders, expediting delivery and follow-up on orders in a manner that the maximum value will be obtained per dollar expended;
      (7)   At the request of and in cooperation with the requesting county agency, prepare and issue Invitations for Bids (IFB), Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), purchase orders and addenda or corrections thereto;
      (8)   Conduct pre-bid and pre-award conferences as necessary, cooperation with requesting county agency;
      (9)   Evaluate vendor’s bids for proposals and present recommendations for award with requesting county agency or with written or recommendation for award;
      (10)   Maintain a complete record of all purchasing transactions, subject to this chapter;
      (11)   Report to the assigned County Board committee the contracts which are expiring 90 days prior thereto and to inform the assigned County Board committee of all contracts that are of three year’s duration or more;
      (12)   Utilize all known contact and sources to expedite deliveries of needed supplies, services and equipment;
      (13)   Develop and maintain current bidders list of vendors;
      (14)   Maintain vendor and product performance records;
      (15)   Maintain, where possible, current prices through study of published price lists, information from salesmen, published market data or through negotiations or competitive bids;
      (16)   Coordinate and control inventory systems kept in county storerooms;
      (17)   Inspect or delegate the inspection to requesting county agency of all deliveries of supplies, equipment or contractual services;
      (18)   Function as the county’s representative on all matters pertaining to purchasing, in cooperation with the requesting county agency; and
      (19)   Periodically review systems and procedures to determine improved methods which result in efficiencies in performance.
(1980 Code, § 41.010)  (Ord. 08-461, passed 11-20-2008)