(A)   General.  Contracts may be awarded without competitive bidding when the appropriate County Board committee as determined by the County Board Rules determines in writing, after the requesting county agency has conducted and presented a good faith review of available sources, that the contract by its very nature is not suitable to competitive bids or proposals. Examples of contracts which may not be suitable to competitive bids or proposals are contracts where:
      (1)   There is only one source for the required supply, service or construction item;
      (2)   A sole supplier’s item is needed for trial use or testing;
      (3)   Purchases of used equipment; and
      (4)   Purchases at auctions.
   (B)   Negotiation.  The County Executive or his or her designee or responsible elected official shall conduct negotiations, as appropriate, as to price, delivery and terms.
(1980 Code, § 41.023)  (Ord. 08-461, passed 11-20-2008)