In addition to the bid specifications detailing information as to the specific services, materials, equipment or supplies sought, the bid package must include the following:
   (A)   Pursuant to ILCS Ch. 720, Act 5, § 33E-11, the prime contractor bid certification form attesting that the prime contractor is not barred from entering the contract;
   (B)   A copy of Article 33E of State Criminal Code of 1961, being ILCS Ch. 720, Act 5, Art. 33E, together with a form to be signed by the bidder that the bidder has not violated any of the provisions of the Article;
   (C)   The phone number of the State’s Attorney’s office to call concerning any possible violation of Article 33 of the State Criminal Code for 1961; and
   (D)   Where applicable, prevailing wage act requirements will be specified.
(1980 Code, § 41.077)  (Ord. 08-461, passed 11-20-2008)