40.01   Fiscal year for county
   40.02   Depository banks
   40.03   Prevention of overexpenditures
   40.04   Purchase orders; contracts
   40.05   Inventory of office equipment and furniture
   40.06   Tax collection; fees
   40.07   Authorization for tax law suits
   40.08   Fees for document copies
   40.09   Petty cash funds
   40.10   Sheriff’s Department Impress Fund
   40.11   Interest on undisturbed taxes
   40.12   Voiding of long-standing county- issued payment checks
   40.13   Property sales tax
   40.14   Vital records automation fee
   40.15   Historic Preservation Commission Fund
   40.16   Fee for NSF checks
   40.17   Payment of real estate taxes by credit card
   40.18   Special service area assessment collection policy
   40.19   Cash reserve policy
   40.20   Year-end reserve period policy
   40.21   Expenditure of RTA tax revenue policy
   40.22   Capital Assets Policy Manual
   40.23   Civil union fee
   40.24   Payment of fees and fines by credit card
   40.25   Fee for issuance of attorney identification cards