(a)   Certificate of Appropriateness Required
      (1)   No construction, reconstruction, demolition, alteration, replacement, or modification of an exterior wall or architectural feature of any building or structure or installation or visible changes to fences, signs, or other visible exterior improvements in a Historic District shall be undertaken prior to obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic District Commission.  Other visible exterior improvements may include elements such as shutters, awnings, balconies, and television satellite dishes. 
      (2)   A Certificate of Appropriateness is not required to paint an existing principal or accessory structure, architectural feature, or other visible exterior improvement.
      (3)   A Certificate of Appropriateness is not required to erect Temporary Event Signs or Special Business Event Banners as provided in Section 1315.09(b) and (c) of the Sign Code.  Sign permits are required for such signs and banners as specified in the Sign Code.
         (Ord. 37-09.  Passed 12-14-09.)
   (b)   Application Requirements.  A request for a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be accompanied by such plans, specifications, and other material as the Commission may prescribe.  Applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness may be made by the owner of the subject property, or by his or her duly authorized Agent or representative.
   (c)   Notice of Administrative Hearing
      (1)   A request for a Certificate of Appropriateness received by the Municipal Administrator shall be forwarded to the Commission Members as soon as possible.
      (2)   The Municipal Administrator shall notify the applicant and the contiguous property owners at least ten days in advance of the date the Commission is to convene to review the request.
   (d)   Administrative Hearing.  Upon convening to review the request, the Commission shall make every effort to render a decision to issue or deny the request within 30 days after the application was first considered at a regular or special meeting.
   (e)   Decision by the Commission
      (1)   If the Commission determines that the proposed activity will have no adverse effect on an Historic Resource or any portion of the Historic Overlay District and does not violate the spirit and purpose of this Ordinance, the Commission shall issue the Certificate of Appropriateness.
         A.   The Certificate of Appropriateness may include conditions placed upon the approval regarding the proposed activity.  Such conditions shall be made part of any subsequent zoning approval, and may include those limitations on the size, shape or materials proposed to be used in constructing or installing the proposed improvements, that are necessary to maintain the historic significance of the property.
         B.   When a Certificate of Appropriateness is issued for demolition, the applicant shall receive a copy of the section of this Ordinance covering new in-fill construction in the Historic Overlay District.
         C.   A Certificate of Appropriateness is valid for one year from the date of approval.
         D.   Receiving a Certificate of Appropriateness does not negate requirements to adhere to all other City zoning regulations and Lucas County building regulations.
      (2)   In the event that the Commission determines that a Certificate of Appropriateness shall not be issued, it shall state in its record of proceedings reasons for such a determination and may include recommendations regarding the proposed construction activity.
         A.   If the Certificate of Appropriateness is denied, the applicant shall be notified in writing the reasons for denial, and recommendation if any;
         B.   The applicant who has been denied a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be provided a copy of the sections of this Chapter covering enforcement provisions, penalties, and procedures for appeal.
            (Ord. 07-06.  Passed 4-24-06.)