This Chapter establishes guidelines and procedures that foster the preservation of the distinctive character of Waterville's historic district by reaching the following objectives:
   (a)    To identify significant Historic Resources through an established Waterville Historic Building Inventory using Ohio Historic Inventory forms provided by the Ohio Historic Preservation office;
   (b)    To give each Historic Resource a measure of protection afforded by a thorough study of alternatives to incompatible exterior facade alteration or demolition before such acts are performed;
   (c)    To apply guidelines and procedures contained in this chapter so as to both preserve the distinctive character of Waterville's historic district, and to encourage adaptive use of vacant or underutilized historic resources;
   (d)    To insure the district compatibility of any and all construction of new infill structures;
   (e)    To insure the district compatibility of exterior facade alteration to public or private buildings that are not listed as Historic Resources on the Waterville Historic Building Inventory;
   (f)    To protect the property rights of owners of property within the historic district by stabilizing and improving property values and by facilitating reinvestment;
   (g)    To strengthen the economy of Waterville.
      (Ord. 07-06.  Passed 4-24-06.)