(a)    Alteration: Any exterior visual or material change to any building including a change in architectural feature or architectural period, design, texture, or material. ordinary maintenance to correct any deterioration or damage is excluded from this definition provided such work does not involve a change in design, texture, material or architectural feature. Any repainting of exterior surfaces is also excluded from this definition.
   (b)    Applicant: Any building owner or designated agent of the owner who applies for a Certificate of Appropriateness.
   (c)    Architectural Feature: Those elements that characterize an architectural style including, but not limited to windows, doors, porches, cornices, decorative trim, and exterior surface material.
   (d)    Certificate of Appropriateness: A certificate issued by the Historic District Commission indicating that a proposed alteration or demolition or infill new construction within the historic district is in accordance with provisions of the Historic District ordinance.
   (e)    Commission: For purposes of this chapter, "Commission" refers to the Historic District Commission.
   (f)    Council: refers to the Waterville City Council.
   (g)    Demolition: The razing or destruction, whether entirely or in part, of a building within the Historic District including demolition by neglect.
   (h)    Historic Overlay District: A clearly identified area, so designated by ordinance and not necessarily having contiguous boundaries, that contains a significant concentration of Historic Resources. 
      (Ord. 07-06.  Passed 4-24-06.)
   (i)    Historic District Commission: Persons duly appointed in accordance with Chapter 153 of the Waterville Administrative Code, and charged with carrying out the objectives of the Historic District ordinance.
      (Ord. 37-08.  Passed 11-10-08.)
   (j)    Historic Inventory: A list of Historic Resources identified by the Historic District Commission and kept at the Waterville Municipal Building for review by the public.
   (k)    Historic Resource: A publicly or privately owned building of significant historic value listed on an Historic Inventory and deserving protection.
   (l)    Historic Significance: Attributes of a building or district that possess integrity of location, design, materials, workmanship, and association with (1) events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history, or (2) persons significant in our past, or (3) architectural characteristics of a type, period, or method of construction.
   (m)    Ordinary Maintenance: Includes the repair or replacement in kind of features, including but not limited to the roof, eaves, downspouts, siding, windows and doors, provided that it does not result in a change of material, texture or architectural feature. For the purposes of this chapter, sandblasting of masonry and chemical cleaning of masonry is not considered ordinary maintenance.
      (Ord. 07-06.  Passed 4-24-06.)