(a)    All members shall be provided with a copy of, and be completely familiar with, the “United States Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties,” 1995 edition, or as subsequently amended.  These copies shall remain the property of the City of Waterville and shall be returned to the City when a term has been fulfilled or a resignation is tendered.
   (b)   The Commission shall act in an advisory role to City departments, committees, commissions or boards where the action or inaction taken by the aforementioned entities may affect the preservation of Historic Resources.
   (c)   Preservation Reference Materials.
      (1)   The Commission shall maintain a library of preservation resources to be used by Commission members for the purpose of increasing their knowledge of architectural preservation and design.  These resources will also be made available to owners of an Historic Resource in the City of Waterville on a lending library basis with reasonable return due dates.
      (2)   In the interest of enhancing public confidence in the Certificate of Appropriateness application process, the Commission may recommend the inclusion of funds in the annual municipal budget for the maintenance of a library of preservation reference materials, for continuing education courses for Commission members, and for other preservation related activities. 
         (Ord. 37-08.  Passed 11-10-08.)