General Provisions
   51.001     Purpose
   51.002   Compliance with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
   51.003   Definitions
   51.004   Depositing objectionable wastes on public or private property
   51.005   Damaging or destroying property of municipal sewage works
   51.006   Obstructing drainage ditches
   51.007     Unauthorized connections
   51.008     Plumber to tap public sewer main
Private Sewage Systems
   51.015   Suitable toilet facilities required
   51.016   Privies, septic tanks, and the like
   51.017   Connecting building sewer to private disposal system
   51.018   Permit required; application and fee
   51.019   Inspection of connection
   51.020   Compliance with federal, state, or county requirements
   51.021   Maintenance of private disposal system
   51.022   Connection to public sewer required when public sewer becomes available
Building Sewers
   51.035   Building sewer permit required; issuance
   51.036   Building sewer specifications
   51.037   Inspection of construction
   51.038   Barricades and lights around sewer excavations
   51.039   Costs and expense of installation, connection, maintenance, repair, and replacement
   51.040   Separate building sewer for each building
   51.041   Use of old building sewers with new buildings
   51.042   Surface runoff or groundwater
   51.055   Discharging into natural outlets prohibited
   51.056   Stormwater and other unpolluted drainage
   51.057   Prohibited discharges
   51.058   Special agreements for industrial wastes
   51.059   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   51.060   Preliminary treatment facilities
   51.061   Control manhole
Retention of Stormwater
   51.075   Retention of stormwater in central detention facilities required; exceptions
   51.076   Minimum requirements for central detention facilities
   51.077   Submission of calculations, drawings required before permit approved
   51.078   Review of application; recommendation
   51.079   Oversizing of retention structure
   51.080   Deeding land to village on which retention pond is located
   51.081   Protective covenants
   51.082   Compliance
   51.083   Escrow of sufficient sum to insure all requirements met
   51.084   Installation of water wells for maintaining adequate levels in retention ponds and for irrigating fields
User Charges
   51.094   Quarterly charges; wastewater collection services
   51.095   Stormwater management fee
   51.096   Sewer treatment charges
   51.097   Billing and collection
   51.098   Delinquent bills; notification; lien; foreclosure
Administration and Enforcement
   51.110   Written permit required for any interference with public sewer property
   51.111   Right of entry for purposes of inspection
   51.112   Revenues
   51.113   Accounts
   51.114   Access to records
   51.998   Notice of violation; liability
   51.999   Penalty