General Provisions
   50.001   Chapter constitutes minimum requirements
   50.002   Filing ordinance constitutes notice to property owners
   50.003   Use of fire hydrants by unauthorized personnel; permit required
   50.004   Air-conditioning, refrigeration systems using village water
   50.005   Fluoride
   50.006   Interference with waterworks property
   50.007   Excavations near waterworks property; liability for damages
   50.008   Restricting use of water during public emergencies
   50.009   Sprinkler systems
Rates and Charges
   50.020   Application for service; commencement
   50.021   Certificate of occupancy required
   50.022   Rates based on meter readings
   50.023   Quarterly charges
   50.024   Excess charges due to defective meter
   50.025   Billing procedure; due date
   50.026   Parties liable for payment
   50.027   Change of ownership of premises
   50.028   Delinquent payment; service discontinuation; hearing; lien
   50.029   Reinstatement of service
   50.030   Reimbursement of village for attorney's fees
   50.031   Water Department to send bills; Village Clerk to collect payments
   50.032   Transfer of collected moneys to Treasurer; Water Fund
   50.033   Illegal use of unmetered water
   50.050   Meters to measure all water use
   50.051   Location, connection
   50.052   Installation
   50.053   Access to meter to be maintained
   50.054   Ownership of meters
   50.055   Testing; repairs
   50.056   Purchasing or replacing meters
   50.057   Tampering with or damaging meters
Water Main Distribution System
   50.070   Size; materials
   50.071   Installation
   50.072   Cast iron gate valves
   50.073   Butterfly valves
   50.074   Fire hydrants
   50.075   Valve vaults
   50.076   Extensions; service outside corporate limits
   50.077   Private agreements
Construction and Connections
   50.090   Connection permit required
   50.091   Water service lines
   50.092   Water meter valves
   50.093   Use of water during construction; fees
   50.094   Turning on water
   50.095   Water mains: horizontal separation
   50.096   Water mains: vertical separation
   50.097   Water service lines
Repairs; Maintenance
   50.110   Permit required for repairs
   50.111   Repairs requiring street opening
   50.112   Maintenance of service lines
   50.113   Maintenance of pipes and fixtures
   50.125   Director of Public Works
   50.126   Inspections
   50.998   Discontinuance of service for violations
   50.999   Penalty