Authority, Purpose, and Jurisdiction
   151.001   Title
   151.002   Authority
   151.003   Purpose
   151.004   Jurisdiction
   151.005   Prerequisite to plat recordation
   151.006   Acceptance of streets
   151.007   Thoroughfare plans
   151.008   Zoning and other plans
   151.009   Definitions
Legal Provisions
   151.020   General procedure for plat approval
   151.021   Effect of plat approval on dedications
   151.022   Variances
   151.023   Conflict with existing agreements
   151.024   Effect on existing legislation
   151.025   Administrator
   151.026   Site specific development plans and phase development plans
Procedure for Review and Approval of Subdivision Plats
   151.040   Plat shall be required on any subdivision of land
   151.041   Approval prerequisite to plan recordation
   151.042   Procedures for review of major, minor, special, and family subdivisions
   151.043   Provisions for review and approval of family subdivisions
   151.044   Procedures for review and approval of minor subdivisions
   151.045   Procedure for review of a special subdivision
   151.046   Procedure for review of a recombination
   151.047   Procedures for review and approval of major subdivisions
   151.048   Procedures for review and approval of final plats
   151.049   Platting requirements for roads without subdividing lots
   151.050   Multi-phased developments
Required Improvements, Dedication, Reservation, and Minimum Standards of Design
   151.065   General
   151.066   Suitability of land
   151.067   Name duplication
   151.068   Subdivision design
   151.069   Streets
   151.070   Utilities
   151.071   Storm water drainage facilities
   151.072   Erosion and sedimentation control
   151.073   Surveying and placement of mountains
   151.074   Construction procedures
   151.075   Tree preservation and protection
   151.076   Recommended trees
Hillside Subdivision Standards and Regulations
   151.090   General
   151.091   Calculation of slope
   151.092   Lots
   151.093   Street design and construction
   151.105   Subdivision defined
   151.106   Types of subdivisions
   151.107   Other definitions
   151.108   Word interpretation
   151.120   Preliminary plat checklist
   151.121   Final plat checklist
   151.122   Administrative forms
   151.999   Penalty
   Flood damage prevention, see Ch. 153
   Planning Board, see Ch. 32
   Zoning, see Ch. 154