Article I. Definitions And General Regulations
5.71.010: Definitions
5.71.020: Purpose
5.71.025: Designation Of Department
5.71.030: Authority To Establish Rules And Regulations
5.71.040: Exemptions From Requirements Of This Chapter
5.71.050: Business License And Registration Required
5.71.060: Ground Transportation Service
Article II. Driver Standards
5.71.070: Driver And Starter Appearance
5.71.080: Driver Conduct
5.71.090: Unauthorized Solicitation Of Business
5.71.095: Driver Application Renewal
Article III. Smoking
5.71.100: Smoking Restrictions
Article IV. Vehicle Standards
5.71.120: Vehicle Title Restrictions And Conditions
5.71.125: Vehicle Appearance Standards
5.71.130: Conflicting Or Misleading Designs And Advertising Prohibited
Article V. Insurance And Inspections
5.71.140: Insurance Required
5.71.150: Inspections
5.71.160: Temporary Operations
Article VI. Special Transportation Businesses
5.71.170: Special Transportation Vehicles And Operators
5.71.175: Existing Holders' Certificates For Special Transportation Vehicles
Article VII. Vehicle Operator's Badge
5.71.180: Vehicle Operator's Badge Required
5.71.190: Permitting Nonbadged Operator To Drive
5.71.240: Display Of Operator's Badge
Article VIII. Payment For Furnishing Of Passengers
5.71.250: Payment
Article IX. Ground Transportation Discussion Group
5.71.255: Purpose
5.71.258: Participants
Article X. Enforcement And Civil Penalties
5.71.260: Department Authority
5.71.270: Comment Form
5.71.280: Issuance Of A Civil Notice Of Ground Transportation Violation
5.71.290: Recordkeeping
5.71.300: Civil Penalties And Enforcement
5.71.310: Enforcement Procedures; Civil Notice Of Ground Transportation Violation
5.71.320: Expedited Appeal Of Exclusion