A.   Every ground transportation vehicle shall be covered by automobile liability insurance, when the vehicle is available for or being used for the transportation of persons using Salt Lake City streets for commercial purposes, at the minimum levels of coverage set forth by the federal motor carrier safety administration, 49 CFR 387.33, or by the Utah department of transportation, or by the United States department of transportation, whichever levels are higher. Proof of insurance shall be required when a vehicle is initially inspected by the department, and may be verified upon the city's receipt of a complaint, negative comment form, or at the time of an on street, unscheduled ground transportation vehicle inspection.
   B.   Taxicabs and other authorized ground transportation vehicles with a seating capacity of seven (7) passengers or less, including the driver, shall carry minimum coverage in the amounts required for vehicles with a seating capacity of fifteen (15) or less as set forth in section 49 CFR 387.33. The exception for taxicab service set forth in section 49 CFR 387.27 shall not apply to this subsection.
   C.   Each ground transportation business shall send a copy of any notice of cancellation or reduction of insurance coverage to the department immediately upon such cancellation or reduction.
   D.   Salt Lake City Corporation shall be named as an additional insured in all insurance contracts. (Ord. 66-14, 2014)