Article I. Definitions And General Regulations
5.72.005: Definitions
5.72.105: Authority To Establish Rules And Regulations
Article II. Authority To Operate
5.72.125: Compliance Responsibility
5.72.155: Department Contract Required For Operation
5.72.165: Contract Based System For Provision Of Taxi Services
5.72.205: Mandatory ADA Accessible Vehicle
Article III. Taximeters
5.72.305: Taximeter Required
5.72.355: Taximeter Inspections; Recordkeeping
Article IV. Rates
5.72.405: Rates For Taxicab Service
Article V. Service Regulations
5.72.455: General Service Requirements
5.72.505: Requirement To Provide Service To Hailing Public
5.72.530: Advertising Material On Cabs Permitted
Article VI. Reserved
Article VII. Reserved
Article VIII. Enforcement And Penalties
5.72.705: Department Authority
5.72.805: Issuance Of A Civil Notice Of Ground Transportation Violation
5.72.855: Civil Penalties And Enforcement
5.72.890: Enforcement Procedures; Civil Notice Of Ground Transportation Violation
5.72.900: Expedited Appeal Of Exclusion



1. See also chapter 5.71 of this title.