A.   Invitations to participate in the discussion group, committee, or forum should include, but not be limited to, representatives of the:
      1.   Hotel industry,
      2.   Hospitality industry,
      3.   Taxicab industry,
      4.   Shuttle industry,
      5.   Hotel contract vehicle industry,
      6.   Utah transit authority,
      7.   Tourism and convention industries,
      8.   Specialty transportation industries,
      9.   Wasatch Front regional council mobility coordinator,
      10.   Salt Lake City accessibility services advisory council or city ADA coordinator, and
      11.   A mechanic familiar with vehicles in commercial ground transportation fleets.
   B.   Individuals or representative of key transportation user groups including, but not limited to, low income, elderly, and persons with physical limitations shall also be invited to participate. (Ord. 66-14, 2014)