5.71.255: PURPOSE:
The mayor shall convene a ground transportation discussion group, committee, or forum to meet informally on a quarterly basis until June 3, 2014, for the purpose of providing advice on the following:
   A.   Identifying ground transportation problems and potential solutions;
   B.   Identifying items within the ordinances or regulations that appear to be unclear or confusing;
   C.   Suggesting improvements to the program for consideration by the city;
   D.   Discussing issues of concern to those in attendance;
   E.   Identifying barriers to quality transportation service; and
   F.   Considering whether the group recommends that a formal city board be established with the mayor formally appointing an advisory board with the advice and consent of the city council to address ground transportation issues in Salt Lake City and considering the number and makeup of the board and its affiliation to or its independence of other city boards, commissions and committees. (Ord. 66-14, 2014)