5.71.020: PURPOSE:
This chapter is enacted to provide for and protect the interests of Salt Lake City residents and visitors using ground transportation services which make use of city streets and other city property, including:
   A.   To reflect standards of professionalism prevalent in and accepted by the Salt Lake community at large;
   B.   To enhance the comfort, ease, and safety of the traveling public on Salt Lake City streets;
   C.   To enhance the city's competitiveness in attracting the traveling public to this city;
   D.   To increase safety for drivers of ground transportation vehicles, their passengers, and the public;
   E.   To adequately identify ground transportation vehicles and their drivers to the public in the city;
   F.   To meet the needs of the public using ground transportation vehicles in the city;
   G.   To provide for uniform enforcement of standards throughout the city by coordinating the efforts of the departments responsible for enforcement, adjudication, and business licensing of all commercial ground transportation businesses and ground transportation vehicles;
   H.   To provide that the mayor designate a department or departments to be responsible for the administration and enforcement of regulations pertaining to all ground transportation businesses, ground transportation vehicles, and ground transportation vehicle drivers in the city; and
   I.   To provide authority for administration and enforcement of business licensing in connection with ground transportation in the city. (Ord. 66-14, 2014)