Sale, Purchase and Use
   53.01   Short title
   53.02   Definitions
   53.03   Application for connection or discontinuance of services
   53.04   Water use by applicant
   53.05   Separate service to each house or premises
   53.06   Installation of services from main meter or shut-off
   53.07   Ownership of lines
   53.08   Main extensions
   53.09   Water charges to premises
   53.10   Fees, charges and monthly water rates
   53.11   Billing
   53.12   Discontinuance of service for nonpayment
   53.13   Adjustments and refunds
   53.14   Disconnection; reconnection
   53.15   Collection of fees; charges
   53.16   Lien docket
   53.17   New construction meters and turnoff valves
   53.18   Ownership, damage and registration of meters
   53.19   Testing meters
   53.20   Repair and protection of water pipes
   53.21   Adjustment on account for underground leaks
   53.22   Fire protection service
   53.23   Jurisdiction, maintenance and repair of service connections
   53.24   Stop and waste cocks; private service pipes; responsibility
   53.25   Use of private water and city water
   53.26   Cross connections regulated
   53.27   Access to premises for inspection and repair
   53.28   Use of fire hydrants, valves and meters
   53.29   Services outside the city
   53.30   Water districts and the like
   53.31   Turning water on and off without authority
   53.32   Cooling and refrigeration
   53.33   Wastage
   53.34   Rates, charges, rules and regulations
   53.35   Sale of water prohibited
   53.36   Effective date
Protection of the Purity of the City Water Supply
   53.50   Definitions
   53.51   Offenses against the purity of the water supply
   53.52   Pollution prohibited
   53.53   Placing substances on watershed prohibited
   53.54   Defacing of signs prohibited
   53.55   Special police officers
Nonessential Uses of Water
   53.65   Purpose and intent
   53.66   Definitions
   53.67   Application
   53.68   Regulation of sprinkling and watering
   53.69   Nonessential water use
   53.70   Nonessential commercial or industrial use
   53.71   Gutter flooding
   53.72   Regulation of applications for new water service
   53.73   Citation for violation of the provisions of this subchapter
   53.74   Discontinuance of service
   53.75   Variances
   53.99   Penalty