General Provisions
   70.01   Traffic-control devices
   70.02   Designation of boulevards
   70.03   Driving of stock on streets
   70.04   One-way streets generally
   70.05   Routing of traffic; Wellington Place
   70.06   Marking of traffic lanes
   70.07   Play streets
   70.08   Through streets
   70.09   Injuring or disfiguring traffic signs
   70.10   Bicycles, roller skates and sleds; prohibited acts
   70.11   Crossing Lancaster Avenue on foot restricted
Moving Vehicles
   70.20   Speed limits established
   70.21   Traffic-control devices to regulate traffic flow; turning
   70.22   Meeting and passing of vehicles
   70.23   Impeding traffic unlawful
   70.24   All passengers must ride in seats; only three in front seat
   70.25   Vehicles to have two headlights burning
   70.26   Vehicles with lugs or cleats forbidden
   70.27   Vehicles with wheels locked forbidden
   70.28   Emergency vehicles; speed limit
   70.29   Traction engines; tractors on streets
Regulations Concerning Fire Apparatus
   70.45   Obstruction of fire trucks
   70.46   Following fire trucks
   70.47   Driving over fire hose
Parades and Motorcades
   70.55   Definitions
   70.56   Prohibited activities
   70.57   Application for permit
   70.58   Issuance or denial of permit
   70.59   Contents of permit
   70.60   Appeal procedure
   70.61   Officials to be notified
   70.62   Revocation of permit
Through Trucks
   70.75   Definitions
   70.76   Designated truck routes
   70.77   Trucks transporting coal required to be covered
   70.99   Penalty