(A)   In each permit, the City Manager shall specify:
      (1)   The assembly area and time therefor;
      (2)   The starting time;
      (3)   The minimum and maximum speeds;
      (4)   The route of the parade or motorcade; the City Manager will determine the parade route consistent with public safety.
      (5)   What portions of streets to be traversed may be occupied by such parade or motorcade;
      (6)   The maximum number of platoons or units and the maximum and minimum intervals of space to be motorcade.
      (7)   The maximum length of such parade or motorcade in miles or fractions thereof;
      (8)   The disbanding area and disbanding time;
      (9)   The number of persons required to monitor the parade or motorcade;
      (10)    The number and type of vehicles, if any;
      (11)    The material and maximum size of any sign, banner, placard or carrying device therefor;
      (12)    The materials used in the construction of floats used in any parade shall be fire-retardant materials and shall be subject to such requirements concerning fire safety as may be determined by the Fire Chief.
      (13)    That permittee advise all participants in the parade or motorcade, either orally or by written notice, of the terms and conditions of the permit, prior to the commencement of such parade or motorcade.
      (14)    That the amplification of sound permitted to be emitted from sound trucks, or bull horns, be fixed and not variable;
      (15)    That the parade or motorcade continue to move at a fixed rate of speed and that any willful delay or willful stopping of said parade or motorcade, except when reasonably required for the safe and orderly conduct of the parade or motorcade, shall constitute a violation of the permit, and;
      (16)    Such other requirements as are found by the City Manager to be reasonably necessary for the protection of persons or property.
   (B)   The notation by the City Manager at the bottom of the application constitutes the permit.
('79 Code, § 14.1-5)  (Ord. 76-13, passed 8-17-76)