(A)   The state traffic laws regulating the speed of vehicles shall be applicable upon all streets within this city, except as the traffic schedule declares and determines upon the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation that certain speed regulations shall be applicable upon specified streets or in certain areas, in which event it shall be unlawful for any person to drive a vehicle at a speed in excess of any speed so declared in the traffic schedule when signs are in place giving notice thereof.
   (B)   It is hereby determined upon the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation that the speed permitted by state law on the street intersections in the traffic schedule is greater than is reasonable or safe under the conditions found to exist at such intersections and it is hereby declared that the maximum speed limit within 100 feet upon every designated approach to and within those intersections designated shall be as stated, which speeds so declared shall be effective at the times specified when signs are erected upon every approach to every such intersection giving notice of the maximum speed limit so declared thereat.
('79 Code, § 23-19)  (Ord. 78-25, passed 9-5-78; Am. Ord. 78-40, passed 11-21-78; Am. Ord. 81-15, passed 6-16-81 ; Am. Ord. 11-18, passed 7-12-11 )  Penalty, see § 70.99